Thursday, August 24, 2006

rainy day in Chicagoland

Is it ever storming out this morning! I had to delay my start time this morning because of the thunder and lightening. There was no way the pugs were going on in that mess. And it was so nice to stay in bed an extra 30 minutes and the pugs were so warm and snuggly. :-)

Autumn Arbor is zipping along - I did find a counting error last night on the train home but it's one I can live with and in any case, way to much would have to come out to fix it. The bottom border is now finished except for the beading. I'll probably finish a large portion of the top band before I get home from work tonight and on tomorrow's train so I will finish this over the weekend. I can't resist doing so when I'm so close to being done and besides, doing bead work on the train is near to impossible. Also worked a little on block 12 last night. I'll do so again this evening and post an update photo tomorrow. I won't be able to stitch at all on Saturday - I have to help a friend with a charity event at Arlington Race Track. It's always fun and her husband and I after we are finished helping her, play the ponies and drink beer. :-) A good time is had by all.

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Karoline said...

Autumn Arbor looks gorgeous, great progress