Monday, August 14, 2006

Another finish

I'm all finished with Sunflower Charms from Blackbird Designs. I used the recommended fibers with 30 count La Crosse Blend from R&R Reproductions. As always, I love this piece. The nice thing about BBD is they are quick projects and they all look slight different. And I love the folk art style they reflect.

I didn't have much time to stitch on Saturday or Sunday, although I did get a little time in Sunday evening.

Saturday afternoon I went to a luncheon for the 75th anniversary of the Gurnee Fire Department. My Dad was a volunteer for years with the GFD. And I heard a funny story for the first time. I was conceived on Valentine's Day 1962. By October 29th, I was pretty late so my Mom's doctor told her to come in the next evening and he would induce labor. Well she was all packed and ready to go when a fire call came in. Rather than leave Mom at home and have to drive back for her, Dad took her to the firehouse and had her wait there until the fire was out. When the call was over, off to the hospital they went. I was born five hours later on the 31st. For years, I was known as the baby that was almost born at the firehouse. I never knew! LOL!

Saturday evening was a 25th wedding anniversary party for my middle brother and his wife. All of their bridesmaids made it to the party and we were given pretty flower leis to wear. Later we were given roses and were asked to all get together - they then renewed their vows! It was very lovely. I only stayed until 9:00pm or so. I don't know any of their friends now and much of my family didn't show - not that made much of a difference - we don't have a whole lot in common. And by then I was starting to wallow - I hate being the only single person in my family and I'm tired of being alone. All my brothers and sister are over 25th years married or close to it and I can't even get a date. :-(

Here is my progress on block 12.

And a start on Quaker Tree by The Workbaset - on 32 count sand linen using Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss in #128. I should be done with this by mid-week and by then the linen I purchased for my Drawn Thread Arbors should be in. I ordered it on last Friday. I'm planning on starting with on winter.


Katrina said...

lovely BD finish there Margie, look forward to seeing your progress on the DT arbours when you start :)

KarenV said...

Congratulations on your finish Margie - it looks lovely!