Monday, August 21, 2006

Finishing frenzy

Over the weekend I finished a couple of projects - of course I forgot to take photos of two of them! :-) Above is the Secret Garden finish I did for Peg - it's her stitching - and very pretty I might add in green. I did the box. The little cutie in the picture is of course Miss Molly. I also framed my La-D-Da piece and made Quaker Tree into a pin keep (on the larger side for a pin keep but it's still cute).

I managed to dye my linen for Marquoir ABC - and it turned out just like I hoped! Not because of my great dying skill but of sheer luck. Even my experiments turned out ok. I have a great piece of linen for a Halloween pumpkin. Trix or Treat from Blackbird Designs has a perfect jack-o-latern for me to use that will look perfect with my orangy linen. A closer look:

An even closer look:

My pumpkin fabric:

Of course I found time for a little stitching! Here is my progress on Block 12 - I really wish I would have started off using two threads of silk - but it's too late now. :-( The background is going quickly especially since I don't have to reference the chart at all. So it's just stitch, stitch, stitch! I can feel the end of this block in sight. Maybe next week sometime I'll be done with the black and ready for the backstitching. The tree needs it and there are little plants by the tombstones.

And my Autumn Arbor from The Drawn Thread - this design is a lot of fun to work on. I look forward to doing the other three.

I'll be going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week starting September 1st - I'm already thinking about which projects to bring. Its a beach vacation so I'll have plenty of time to stitch. The Village for sure and maybe Winter Arbor and a couple of Halloween designs from Trix or Treat. And it would be nice to finally get my Shepherd's Bush flower folios finished. I still have two to complete - the pink one and the purple one (violets maybe).


Karoline said...

Nice progress on VoHRH and Autumn Arbor. Congratulations on your finishing and dyeing

Leah said...

Nice work! I think your fabric dying efforts have really paid off. The fabric looks awesome!!

KarenV said...

Your fabric looks great! I had a go at tea-dyeing a piece of white fabric recently and it turned out pretty well but yours look really good.

Nice progress on your WIPs - Autumn Arbor is looking very pretty.

stacey said...

WOW your linen for Marquoir ABC looks great ...I am working my way up to really big projects like this one I have previewed the pattern and it is gorgeous and intimidating!