Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally progress!

I can finally see the progress on block 12 of the Village - I know it's been there all along but last night I could really see and feel I was getting along with it. I should be finished with all the colors by the end of the weekend. And then starts the black... I might start block 11 and work on the background on 12 to break it up a little. I would like to keep this project on my table and to do this I think I need to avoid getting bored with it.

I'm at home sick today - I could not face going into work on a Friday with nothing to do for eight hours. I worked on Autumn Arbor but didn't make much progress yesterday so I don't have an update photo. I'll post one Monday.

I also ordered all my fibers for Marquior ABC - I went with Needle Necessities overdyed floss - blue and a red - big surprise! But I really liked the idea of a two color piece and those would have been the two colors I would have chosen in any case. Midnight Blue and Razzle Dazzle Red. And they were 25% off from Drema. She had to order the blue because she didn't have eight skeins of it. But I should have it by the 16th of next month. I'll try coming up with my dye this weekend. I might have ordered the wrong colors - I'm thinking I should be experimenting with browns and not lighter shades. You can dilute the darker colors to make a lighter shade but you can't dilute the lighter shades. So I might have to order a couple of more dyes. As long as I get what I want and stay under $110.00 for the linen I'm ok. And more money than that, I could have just purchased what I wanted from Silkweavers. I'm sure I'll be way under. :-)

No big plans this weekend - just dinner with friends on Saturday. I'm making a new shrimp dish with shrimp (of course), papaya, honeydew, cilanto and a bit of lime. Sounds lovely.


Karoline said...

It's looking lovely, great progress

Concetta said...

The Quaker Garden box is gorgeous!! Oh my -- I'm jealous, that's exactly the way I want mine to look. :) Fabric dying too! Is there anything you CAN'T do?? :) Go Margie! It looks great.