Friday, November 28, 2014

two down and three to go - Blackbird's Winter Delivery finis


Blackbird's Winter Delivery - Blackbird Designs
32 count Silkweaver's Linen
Recommended Gentle Arts Floss

I finished up Winter Delivery number two today.  And I've already started number three.  I hope to have that one finished by mid-next week.  I have to go out and buy the paper mache boxes, sure hope I can fine some with Christmas crafting in full swing.  :-)
Here are the first two together. 

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 24, 2014

One down... Blackbird's Winter Delivery finis

Blackbird's Winter Delivery
32 count Silkweaver Linen
Recommended Gentle Arts Floss

I finished up my first Winter Delivery last night.  I'm stitching five of these before Christmas.  YIKES!  Am I ever running behind.  I started stitching this one in July with a plan of doing one a month.  That would still give me plenty of time for the finishing work.  As a refresher, it's my year to make something for all my brothers, sister and parents for Christmas.  But the count of five does include one for me (I want one too!).  Now I have to do one a week.  :-)  And in true fashion to my personality, now it's a job and no longer a pleasure and I have SO MANY other things I want to be working on right now it's torcher to work on it.  I want to be finishing my stumpwork project or getting a few more lessons completed on my Drawn Thread Sampler (more on that later).  In fact I promised myself that I would work on it at least an hour every day starting last Monday.  Didn't pick it up until Thursday.  :-(  I know I can get at least three done before the week of December 22nd but now the fun has been sucked out. 
Here is number two - I'm stitching this one on a really pretty Silkweaver's green.  But of course I take crappy photos and you can't see it's a piney color.  Each one will be on a different background and since I'm just winging the personalization, each will be a little different.  I'm thinking of making the little snowflakes on each one a little different also. 

I'm going to make each one the top of a little 5" x 5" x 5" paper mache box.  I still need to order the hand made papers from Hollander's.  I want to line each one with hand made marbled paper.  I'd also like to put something in it.  Any suggestions?  I could go buy an hand blown glass ornament (thinking a bird) or candle or something like that.  I wish I had time to make something but I really am out of time. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Floral Glove Finis

I finished up my Floral Glove today!  I had no idea when I started this project it would not take months but years.  :-)  I guess that is the way it turns out sometime.  I'm pleased with the overall look of it but I do see room for improvement in my goldwork.  I'm looking for a class as we speak. 
Here is the inside.  There is a needle holder, three little pockets for tools and a pair of scissors fits in between the two pieces in the ultrasuede.  Love it. 
I spent the last two days attending a Jane Nicholas stumpwork class.  What it ever amazing!  Jane is a wonderful teacher and I learned so much.  I actually made a lot of progress on my piece and I hope to finish it up in the next couple of weeks.  This was an important step in being able to complete my casket and it really helped my confidence a lot. 
I didn't mean for three months to go by between posts.  I was really on a role with stitching and posting but then I really had to get down to business with my eighteen costumes I agreed to do before my families Halloween cruise.  And here are photos of some.  I'll post more in the days to come as they are scattered all over the place as well as some are still in hard copy and need to be scanned. 
I did nine pirates.  These were my favorites and we'll be able to use them for every Disney cruise we go on.  Only the three kids will need to be replaced every year - the adults will just get upgrades and I feel like it.

The evil queen turned out to be my favorite costume.  People stopped my nephews wife in the halls to be photographed with her is was so good.  I think my Elsa was one of the better ones there.  There were dozens of little girls dressed up like Anna and Elsa. 

Of course we had our own Elsa.  Here she is with Cruella and Mary Poppins (my niece, great niece and sister).

I'll post the group photos as soon as I have them.  It was a blast and so worth the hundreds of hours I put into them since June.