Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stitching for a change

Despite the fact that I haven't put a needle to thread in weeks, I still drag my stitching bag with me everyday on the train to and from work. The last couple of days, I've even stitched! I put down the border that is Part I of Birds of a Feather and got started on Part II. I enjoy stitching letters and they do fly so I'm hoping that feeling progress will compel me to continue to work on this piece. Especially now that I have some where to hang it.

Every night when I get home from work I load a couple of dogs into the car and drive to my new house to work on it. I have completed two rooms with paint, new switch plates and the like and scrubbed them within an inch of their lives. :-) I'm happy with how they turned out. For now they are starting to fill up with boxes as I bring over a couple every time I drive over and so does my dad. At the rate I'm going all I'll need to move on moving day will be the last couple of boxes of things that I couldn't live without and my furniture.

This week the center of house is having a couple of beams in the underside of the house jacked up and replaced. Over the decades the medal had deteriorated by water dripping on them from the bathroom and laundry room and the center of the house was sagging a bit. And of course I noticed. :-) Then I can start to gut the floors and drywall in the bathroom and laundry room. When I have a new bathroom in place and the laundry room straightened out I can move in all the way. I'll have to live with the kitchen the way it is for the time being because I have other things to replace/repair that are more urgent - like new bedroom windows. But I will give it fresh paint and new fixtures and lights.

I'll post photos soon of some of the before and after - after I move in furniture and hang pictures and the like.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's mine!

I closed on my house Tuesday. I felt like the attorneys, closers and agents should have said "congratulations, we regret to inform you it's all yours." :-) It's been a stressful process and I haven't had much time to do anything but stuff that involved the close. The reality is the hard part starts now and that's fixing up my fixer upper. First on my list is get into the crawl space and fix the moisture problem and get my fence for the dogs installed. Then I can work on the bathrooms and kitchen with a goal on moving in before Labor Day.