Wednesday, August 23, 2006

not much progress

Was I ever tired on the way home from work last night. So I took a nice little nap. :-) So not much progress to report on Autumn Arbor. I did get about an hour of stitching on my block 12 however. I just keep plugging away on my black background. When I get bored with the background over weekend, I'm planning on doing the backstitching. That way when I done with the background, I'll be ready to move onto block 11.

Here is some of the detail on Autumn Arbor - I love the variegated silks from Gloriana. They do fray a bit I think but once you learn to deal with that, all is well. But the color makes it all worth it.

A tree with diagonal queen stitches with spanish moss Gloriana Silk.

A tree with leaf stitch in autumn arbor Gloriana Silk.

Molly was a star again last night in agility. She really is doing so much better since we started to practice every evening. Almost all of the evening was off-leash. She is really starting to follow my hand commands. If we had an extra month before our trial in September I would have not worries at all. But alas, we don't. But the fun factor will be huge in any case.


Concetta said...

So beautiful! The close up photos are great.

KarenV said...

Your stitching is beautiful! Thanks for the close-up photos. I'm a huge fan of Gloriana silks, the colour are so luscious :)

Leah said...

That design has some beautiful stitches. Your version is coming along nicely and looks wonderful!

J Rae said...

Your stitches look great. I love this piece!