Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Molly is a star

Not much of a stitching update as agility was last night - Miss Molly was a star! I just can't believe how much she has improved over the past several weeks. I only had to grab her tab leash once or twice all evening. That means we are almost 100% off leash! I really think she is enjoying herself more also being off leash. There is a spring in her step when she trots around the ring. There is no class next week because of the holiday so we only have one more class to go. I have high hopes of being able to finish the novice course. The courses our instructor have been setting up each week or open or excellent rated. So what we see on the 13th will be much easier than we are used to. Cross your fingers for us!

Here is my progress on Violets. I did redo the words yesterday - I much prefer them darker and I will go back and fix the two that I have finished. The wording on those is so light that you can't read it. I should be finished with Violets before I leave on vacation. I might bring the fourth one that I own, Amarath with me on vacation. Then I would have all four done. I'd like to frame them together in one large piece, 2 by 2. Karen V from the UK had a really cool idea, she is stitching five of these and is doing them bellpull style on one continuous piece of linen. I've seen a progress photo of it and it's really something. Here is my latest, I have one row on the bottom to finish - lazy daisies - yuck, and five more on top. Piece of cake. :-)

Jeanne from Arizona asked me if I intended to frame my Autumn Arbor individually from the others. That is my plan - a set of four. I would like to purchase the mats that went with them and I do have an email out the the framer that did them for The Drawn Thread. They would fit into a standard frame size, 9 x 11 I think, so that part would not be too expensive if I'm able to pick them up at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale. I like the way my own framing turns out so I'll continue to do that and save money so I can buy more stuff. :-)

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