Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moving along with all my projects

On Tuesday evenings I usually don't get to do much stitching because of Molly's agility class but we didn't have class last night. We did practice in the backyard however - weave poles! My goal is to have her running in upright poles by next Tuesday's nights class. She was almost there after about a half hour of dedicated weave work. She is my little star!

I worked on VoHRH for around three or so hours. It's really slow progress but then I kinda expected it to be slow. I can't wait to try larger q-snaps. And I'm really thinking hard about buying the q-snap accessory piece for my Needlepoint System 3 stand. Being able to do these big piece hands free would be great.

Also got in the usual stitching on the train rides home and back to work again this morning. I hope to complete the basket on the way home from work today.

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