Monday, February 09, 2015

Not much progress

Not much stitching of any kind has been going on lately.  I've been working from home more often than not and I've been very lazy at night.  That all adds up to little or no stitching.  Below is my progress on my Shepherd's Bush.  I really don't have much left if I would just get to it.  :-)

I have been working on a bit of decorating.  My sister gave me the below cabinet for Christmas and I've had a blast filling it with my American Redware collection.  I've only been collecting for three years and I have 35 pieces (all reproductions).  Here I have about half of it.  The rest are in the kitchen in various places.  Makes me happy.  :-)
I also love botanical prints and have been purchasing a set of a series of prints called the Twelve Months of Flowers by Robert Furber.  They were first published in 1730.  My prints are reproductions of course but are hand tinted.  They are very true to the originals.  I finally had all 12 framed and are all hanging in my bedroom. 
Now I really need to figure out some window treatments other than the wood shades I have up.  It's hard to believe I've been working on my bedroom for three years now.  I also did some more work on my bathroom and now all the plumbing is finished.  I still have to put up the new trim work and a little more painting before I can start to decorate that.  But I am getting closer to being done with both. 
Here is my pretty Isabelle.  I've had her four years now (can't believe how time flies) and she is such a beauty.  She is always with me just like the pugs.  I never knew Labs could be so clingy.  :-)  But I love it.