Friday, August 15, 2014

Stitching complete

 I've finished up the stitching on my floral glove.  Do I ever need some classes on goldwork.  It's a hot mess.  :-)  But now I know it's not the piece of cake I thought it would be so I'll go find some books and in person classes on it.  I would like to get really good at it as I love it.  I'm already working on the finishing and I would love to make some progress here but I have a pretty full weekend with quilting a quilt that I need to give away next Friday - nothing like waiting to the last minute. 

Here is the first part of the Cruella DeVille costume that I'm making for one of my great nieces.  Next for this one a black and white cocktail style dress. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


So close to finishing up the stitching on my floral glove.  It's been harder than I thought it would be.  In theory, it's just couching but getting it just right is more difficult.  I really need to take an in person gold work class.  Thistle Threads still offers an online course but I really want in person.  And I already send them so much $$ a month for my stumpwork, I can't bare sending more!  LOL!

I'm still planning on getting this puppy done by tomorrow night.  Then (gasp) I can start the finishing! 

Here is my progress on my third panel for my Etui - not as much as I've been hoping for but I haven't had many train rides over the past two weeks and this is my current train project.  I ordered the Shepherd's Bush Shepherd's Fold pieces and I was really hoping to finish this before the pull of that makes me put this aside.  :-)  We'll see how strong I am.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fun at the Faire

 I totally had a blast at the Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  And I even managed to get some stitching and quilting done.  I have started on the medal work on my floral glove.  And I'm officially finished with Part 3.  Only one more stitching section to go and the I get to start finishing this one.  It's going to go fast now and only couching of medal threads and more of the medal overlays.  I can actually see myself finishing the stitching by the weekend if I keep at it at night. 
 Here is my start of my first Amy Mitten casket toys.  This will be a needle case when it's complete.  Amy's instructions are so complete and I'm going to learn and practice many skills that I need for a successful casket.  I'm getting happy with how my long and short stitches are progressing.  I still have room for improvement but I'm so much better than my first attempts. 
 I also managed to complete month six of my Civil War Tribute quilt (four 12 inch blocks).  To be honest, I really rushed this as my heart wasn't in it and the seems are so wonky it's embarrassing.  I'm not going to start month seven because it will be more of the same attitude.  Just because it's not my favorite right now, doesn't mean that I can rush to get it over with - way to much money is invested not to do my best work.  I'll go back to my Hampton Ridge BOM for the time being.  But in any case, I still have seven Halloween costumes and several more pirate outfits to get done before October 31st.  I really won't have time to quilt!
Here I am at the Ren Faire with my friend Susie.  We had so much fun!  And I loved dressing up in my corset and new skirt.  Susie of course looked divine in her red harem girl outfit but then she looks good in a paper bag.  :-)

Friday, August 08, 2014

Quilting too!

 As you can see, I'm still over the place with regards to current projects.  Here is my floral glove progress.  I've started couching other things!  :-)  I'm hoping by the end of the weekend, I'm actually laying some of the medal threads.  Way cool.  :-)

 In between Halloween costumes and pirate costumes, I decided I needed to get some piecing done.  These are the four 12" blocks of month five for the Civil War Tribute quilt I started four or so years ago.  It was a block of the month quilt that will fit my king size bed.  The sad part is, I no longer really like it.  It's a little too civil war for my tastes now with it's super muddy colors and lots of pink.  But I'm going to finish it - it was way too much money in fabric not to.  Over $250 I think with the backing fabric.  And to add a little insult to injury, I think this one is too big for my machine quilter.  I can handle up to 90" and I'm pretty sure this one finishes off more than that.  So I have to send it out.  But I'm pushing on regardless.  I'm about half way with month six even as I write this post - I wish that were half way but I still have the biggest piecing months ahead - month seven is eight 12 " blocks and month nine is the center medallion and it's huge with a ton of set in seams if I'm not mistaken.  I'm also going to try to find time for the Hampton Ridge BOM also.  I only did the first three months and I have seven months sitting on my quilting table.  I think they are sending me month ten this week - I was determined to stay current with this one too.  HA!  Fat chance of that happening.  I haven't purchased any quilting stuff in over a year (except for Hampton Ridge) thank goodness.  In addition to these two quilts, I think I have about 10 or so quilt tops totally ready to be cut out and pieced. 
Here is Halloween costume #1 - Elsa!  My great niece Claire is dying to be her and this one turned out so sparkly.  I still think I might find a way to add sequin or crystal snowflakes to the overlay.  And a crown of course.  Claire can't be a snow princess without a crown. 

Next up a series of villains.  My nephew Larry, his wife Shelley and their daughter Morgan all want to be Disney villains.  So bring on Gaston, the Evil Queen from Snow White and Cruella DeVil.  Then Claire's brother is going to be Kristoff from Frozen and no idea yet what their parents (my niece and her husband) want to be.  My sister keeps saying she doesn't want to be anything but I'll try to talk her into something.  Or she would be the only person not in costume.  I think she would be great as a queen of some sort also.  I'll do mine last (Merida).  Then bring on the pirates!  :-)  It's a good think I like working on costumes or I'd be feeling overwhelmed.  :-)

Have a great weekend!  Renaissance Faire for me.  :-)  I can't wait. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Lots of projects

 I went from working on nothing to what seems like tons!  Here is my progress on my floral glove project.  I started the gold couching.  I'm happy with how I'm getting it on but it's slow.  I'm sure I'll get faster as I get experience.  I also received my casket toys in the mail last week from Amy Mitten.  Wow the quality is amazing.  I've done all the prework and I'm ready to start stitching.  And I really want to start stitching but I told myself I have to get a little more work done on my glove first. 
 For the train I picked up again my Petit Sampling Etui.  This one is the panel designed by Praiseworthy Stitches.  I'm sure it will go fast like the others have. 
Here is my finished Renaissance Faire costume.  I LOVE how it turned out and the fit is perfect.  I love it when a plan comes together.  I'm now working on a couple more costumes.  I'm going on a Disney cruise over Halloween and we all need costumes for the costume party.  I'm going to be Merida from Brave and I'm working on a Elsa and Kristoff from Frozen for one of the great nieces and great nephew and Cruella Deville for the other great niece.  Plus a couple more pirate outfits for pirate night.  :-)  I really love to sew costumes. 

Chris - the Grand Marquior was a free chart.  I'm not sure if it's still available anywhere but I still have the files - just email me and I'll forward them to you.