Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Falling Leaves Finis

Falling Leaves - design by Laura J. Perin
24 count congress cloth
recommended #8 floss

I finished up Falling Leaves last night - I really like this one. Not sure which one I'm going to start next but I want to kit it up before I leave for vacation tomorrow. I know from past experience that I usually don't have a ton of extra time at camp, but I'd hate not to be prepared.

Two down, four to go!

Monday, June 28, 2010

home stretch

I didn't have any stitching time over the weekend. Bummer as I was hoping to have this piece done by now and already stitching #3. But I'm close! :-)

Tomorrow is my last day at work before vacation - Summer Camp starts on Thursday! Yeah!

Friday, June 25, 2010

a work stoppage :-)

Over the past several evenings I have not had a second to stitch. And I've been falling asleep on the train - both ways. :-) So not a lot of progress has been made on Falling Leaves. But the weekend is close at hand so I hope to get a ton done and have a huge progress photo on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

around and around she goes

This border was so worth all the time it takes. :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

the never ending border

I totally acknowledge that I have not been stitching a ton over the past several days - the weather was wonderful over the weekend - but it seems like this cream border is taking me forever! :-) By the time it's finished I will take four trips around the square. But it's so worth it - it's going to be so pretty!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

another quickie :-)

Starting on the Falling Leaves borders. :-) The border on this one is really pretty. But I most likely won't have an update tomorrow - I have a big do at work tonight so no stitching later.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

quick update

I'm on pace for another one week project. :-) Falling Leaves is really moving along!

Monday, June 14, 2010

State Fair finis

State Fair - American Quilt Collection - design by Laura J. Perin
24 count Congress Cloth
Recommended DMC #8 cotton

I knew these counted needlepoint pieces would be fast. :-) I finished State Fair on Friday evening and wasted no time on starting on my next piece. It's called Falling Leaves and it's also by LJP and I'm doing it on 24 count congress cloth with #8 DMC. You will see that all of the six pieces I'm doing are two borders around a central motif. And the best thing is they are so, so easy and fast! One down and five to go. :-)

I love the colors on this one. :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Just two more border rows and I'm finished with State Fair! This piece has been such a nice change of pace for me. I really want to start the next one but my mojo is back and I'm actually leaning toward starting a new cross stitch piece instead. :-) But I still have a couple more days to decide. And it will be a fun couple of days - it's so much fun to go through the stash!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

onto the borders

I've moved to the border portion of State Fair. That means home stretch! Of course it's a pretty large border so I will be working on it for a while. :-) But border always means almost done to me. And that feels great.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Clancy did it!

Here is my progress on Laura J. Perin's design: State Fair. I had plenty of time on Saturday to sit and stitch. But not as much time on Sunday because Clancy earned his Open Standard title!!!

It wasn't the prettiest agility run of his career but it got the job done. And he earned a third place finish doing so. The class was very large for Open 12" Standard - twelve dogs I think so third place was pretty good. He new AKC name is Clancy O'Shay OA, AXJ, NF. :-)

And I moved him up to Excellent Standard for Sunday's run. That meant we didn't have to wait around for Open which in turn meant we were finished for the day at 11:45am and were able to leave. In contrast, we didn't do our last run on Saturday until 4:30ish. It's nice to be all excellent. :-) We have been working to that goal for almost three years. And how did he end up on Sunday? He had two brilliant runs but only did 10 out of 12 poles both times which at the excellent level is an automatic NQ. There are no more mistakes for Clancy that are allowed. It's perfect and in time or go home empty handed.

We are not signed up for any trials until mid-July. There are a couple that we could have but they were all outside. While I love the outdoor trials, Clancy gets way too distracted and things fall apart quickly. And I needed to save some money because I signed up for Agility Summer Camp after all with Aoife. So I have six weeks to really work on some things that need urgent attention. Like weaves and contacts. Oh and table, he had a table fault on Saturday but it was allowed at the Open level but no more. Like I said above, it's perfect or go home. :-)

Have a great week!

Friday, June 04, 2010


I'm making excellent progress on State Fair. And as I predicted yesterday it's going to move quickly. I might even have this finished in less than a week! Now that would be sweet - I could move onto the next one and get caught up. :-) And then start on something else. And get back to my hooking. And get back to my quilting. And spend more time with my pugs. LOL!

Clancy and I have an agility trial this weekend. It's going to be a boring one in terms of friends - not many of mine signed up for this trial so I'll be sitting by myself most of the weekend. Hopefully the days will go quickly and I have time to get some needlepointing in. Wish us luck!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Here is my start to Christmas gift #1 - also know as State Fair from the American Quilt Collection by Laura J. Perin. I'm stitching all six on 24 count congress cloth using one strand of DMC #8 and Caron Wildflowers. While it's a bit large for the train (12 x 12) I'm going to give it a go any way. I'm way behind but I have a feeling these are going to go quick. The above stitching only took me 20 minutes. And as each piece gets more filled out the more flow I will find and they will end up going quicker as the piece progresses. :-) I like that.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

such a cutie

No stitching to share today. :-) When I got home from work on Friday afternoon, I just dropped my computer bag and walked away. This morning all I had time to do was fly out the door to make my train. I did want to stitch so I started on Mr. F. But nothing really to show because I didn't have his chart on me so all I could do was stitch the black border. Not of course because I planned ahead but because I never even took Ms. Fred out of the bag so I had the linen and silk still on me. :-) Not sure if I'll continue on him or not. The plan was not to but to start work on one of the six gifts that I have to have done by December. But that will be determined if I can get the canvas into my bag for my commute. If it fits I'll work on that, if it doesn't, I'll work on something else on the trian.

Isn't that the cutest photo of Clancy? Unfortunatly though that photo is the highlight of our agility trial. :-) We only had one Standard run each day and on Saturday I pulled him off a jump causing him to drop the bar (NQ) on Sunday my non-agility Clancy showed up to play or not to play as was the case. He stunk. There is always next week.