Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And the heat continues

I hate to complain about the heat because, one, I like it on the warm side and two, there are so many people worse off than us - people without AC or living where it's even hotter right now! But I'll sure be glad when it breaks, hopefully tomorrow. I hate sleeping with the fan and a/c blowing on me. I like to be all bundled up in my pillow palace as I call it. :-) Saturday is my monthly pug meetup and it's predicted to be in the low 80's - perfect pug weather. Cross your fingers for us.

I made good progress on Garland Fair on my train rides and even stitched a little last night. My silks for VoHRH didn't arrive (I expect them today and tomorrow) in the mail yesterday so I was able to just get to work without being distracted by new stuff. :-) I LOVE using the Caron Waterlilies silks. There is no fraying and the knotting is at a minimum. I have to confess I use a thread length longer than I probably should but it's been ok with these silks. And what can I say about the colors! Yummy. I've decided for sure to use them on my Ink Circles project. As for the mail, I did receive two small packages however, a piece of Silkweaver fabric, Hint of Heather (a wonderful light mauvy heather color) and my last fiber for Sunflower Charms. So I'm good to go on my next BBD. :-) Like I need another project ready to go....

I have no idea why I ordered the Hint of Heather! I must have been planning something that I forgot about! Or changed my mind somewhere along the way. It's pretty though, so I'm sure I'll use it. I'll have to write down notes when I buy Silkweaver fabric so I know what I'm planning it for. I do know I have two more pieces of Silkweaver solos coming - I'm going to use them for BBD Halloween designs. They should be here next week or so.

Stay cool!

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shortoldlady said...

Oh - please keep posting your progress on the garland piece - I keep going back and eyeing that chart! And I agree on the heat - but you can be sure we will probably complain about the winter chills!