Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quaker Tree finish

I finished up with Quaker Tree from the Workbasket (it was a freebie pattern) last night before I went to agility. I did it on 32 count light sand using Needle Necessities Serengeti. I'm going to hang onto this chart - I'd love to do it again using light green variegated silks.

This morning on the train ride into work, I started on Autumn Arbor from the Drawn Thread. I was going to start on Winter Arbor but seeing as we are going into fall, I thought this more appropriate. I love the pumkins! And all the fiber used is silk - I LOVE using silk thread.

I have the other three of the season arbors waiting for me when I'm ready. I picked them up on eBay for $12.00 a piece. I love to shop other peoples stash! I'm planning on calling the framer used for these pieces to see if I can buy the special cuts mats. That would be so pretty.

Molly was a star last night in agility - probably her best night ever. Off leash much of the evening and her weave poles rocked! I was such a proud mom. National is just four weeks from today. We will have a great time!

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