Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Village Happy Dance!

I had a great stitching day yesterday. I'm all finished with Block 10 of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow. YEAH! I never thought I would finish by the end of the month. For November I'll do Block 7 which is the block above 10. It's one of the blocks with fewer stitches - it will be good to have a light block. :-)

I'm 25% done with the Village! Does that ever feel good. :-)

I also managed to work on Quaker Meetinghouse in the afternoon and before I took Molly to agility. I'll be done before I get home from work today on the train. I brought a Christmas ornament to keep me busy in case I have a lot of time left.

It's that time again - recap of the month past and goals for the new month.

Finished in October:
Village of Hawk Run Hollow - Block 10
Finished part 1 of Marquior ABC
Started part 2 of Marquior ABC
Flea Market Souvenir - Blackbird Designs
Amaranth - Shepherd's Bush
Winter Arbor - The Drawn Thread
Winter's Eve Ornament by Country Cottage Needleworks

Goals for November:
Village of Hawk Run Hollow - Block 7 (without as much whining)
Finish part 2 of Marquior ABC
Start part 3 of Marquior ABC
Quaker Meetinghouse - Midsummer Night Designs (almost finished)
Quaker Samplers I - With My Needle
Loose Feather #22 - Blackbird Designs (if I like it - another older LF if I don't)
several ornaments from 2006 JCS (one almost finished)

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments yesterday and in the past! I had a wonderful birthday - one of my favorite dinners and an ice cream cake. And Molly did very good at agility - probably my best present! :-)


Carol said...

Well, congratulations to you! Your VoHRH looks wonderful! As does Quaker Meetinghouse - your needles are flying!

shortoldlady said...

Congrats on the fantastic finishes! Nice way to end one month and start another!!!!!

Emily said...

Village of Hawk Run Hollow looks great so far!
Glad you are feeling better and I didn't comment the other day but Molly's sunflower costume is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!!!