Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quaker Meetinghouse Happy Dance!

As predicted yesterday, I finished up with Quaker Meetinghouse by Midsummer Night Designs on the train ride home. I used the recommended linen (but on 32ct) and the recommended Crescent Colour floss. I love how this piece turned out. Those of you familiar with this piece will notice I did not date it on either side of the house nor did I add any initials to the bottom next to the red motif. I do plan at some point to add something but I'm not sure what at this point. And I'm thinking of putting both my initials and date next to the house. At a later date of course, for now I'm considering this piece finished.

Many many thanks to Karen V for sending me this chart! Stitchers are the best and I'm so glad I got involved in such a wonderful community.

Last night I readied Quaker Samplings 1 for my train ride in this morning and felt uninspired to start this piece. So I went with Heart and Hand, a free design from Hands To Work. I'm doing it on Silkweavers 32 count Golden Harvest (my favorite color from them) using a Vikki Clayton silk called Fire Dragon. I've been buying the odd skein from Vikki for many months now, looking for the perfect variegated color for my Cirque des Cercles (Circus of the Circles) by Ink Circles. While I love this color on this piece, I'm not sure yet if it's the color for my much bigger piece. Of course it's had to tell yet! I've just started.

Last night was Clancy's second agility class. I'm so proud of that little guy! My teacher said to me after he attacked the A-Frame at full speed - there's your competition dog! And that was my thought also. It will be a struggle to title Molly because of her head strong ways. But Clancy is a pleaser and doesn't do anything half way. In fact, he is much faster than me. I need to learn to run the courses smarter because of this. I will end up a better agility partner also. :-)


Katrina said...

well done on your finish Margie, the blue thread colour in this piece is just gorgeous :) Also, belated bithday wishes too.

Carol said...

Awesome job on Quaker Meetinghouse - congratulations!!!! Also, Fire Dragon is one of my favorite HDF silks - I think it will be stunning for Cirque Des Circles!

KarenV said...

You're welcome Margie! :) Congratulations on a great finish! Also congratulations on getting to the 1/4 done stage on the Village - you put me to shame, as I've not finished my first block yet ;)

Fire Dragon is one of my favourite Vikki colours :) I used it recently and really loved the effect.

Nicole said...

Congrats on such a pretty finish! This is definitely on my to-get-next list!

shortoldlady said...

Congrats on your lovely finish! Your new piece is showing the silk to it's full glory. And kudos to Clancy on an excellent effort!

natty68 said...

This is lovely Margie, I love the colours. Definately one I will have to get for my future stitching :)