Friday, November 17, 2006

no photos today

I forgot to put my camera in my bag this morning. And I had two finishes to show off! I finished up part 1 and 2 of Marquior ABC - it's looking good. And I finished off Pear Tree on the train yesterday. I made a huge start on the Christmas Bird ornament from La-D-Da - I'm more than half way done with that already. I'll be finished with that before I get home tonight. I think I'll start the Quaker Raindeer next - my silk came last night in the mail. I still have not received my chart for Moonlite Garden. It must be because of the skein of floss I asked Drema for. My checking account has not been charged yet so I won't get it this weekend. I guess that is ok, I'm really behind on block 7 of the Village so I can work on that all weekend. I probably won't have much time at all to stitch in any case. Molly and I have an agility trial on Sunday and I will be away from home all day. I would bring my stitching along but I doubt if I would put in a single stitch. There is just too much to watch.

I will post my photos over the weekend. Everybody have a great weekend!

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