Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back to work

Well it's back to work for me. Bummer. I just love being at home doing whatever I want to. I think I'll take off the week of Christmas so I can do more laying around and stitching.

Yesterday was an all Village day and I'm almost finished with block seven. Just the lettering to go - I'll work on it a bit tonight after Clancy's agility class and finish it up tomorrow night. I'm going to try very hard not to get behind with block eight in December. I'll do it in the evenings instead of other things.

Last Friday I received my Midnight linen from Silkweavers. This is the first piece that I've been disappointed in. It's kinda spotty in places and there is not much difference in the colors in the piece except where there is a spot. I'll wash it and see if it softens a bit. A couple of the Vikki Clayton silks I purchased the week before last will work just great. Right now my favorite is Glacial with Orb a close second. They are very close with Glacial having more green in it and Orb more purple in it. Either would work well for Cirque des Cercles I think.

I tired to start on Blackstone Fantasy Garden this morning on the train but when I pulled it out of my tote, I realized that I forgot to toss in my stitching glasses! I've gotten so used to stitching with them I gave up after 20 minutes or so - I could not see a blasted thing! I'll go out at lunchtime and buy a couple more. I always like to have an extra pair in my tote bag but I had to pull out the last pair I bought last week - Clancy loves to eat the ones I leave around the house. After going through five or six pairs you would think I would learn not to leave them about.


Carol said...

VOHRH looks great! I noticed the darker hand dyed fabrics can sometimes be a bit disappointing. I guess they are harder to dye? Good luck trying to soften this one, I hope it works for you. I like Orb :-)

shortoldlady said...

Your progress is amazing! Love the selection of silks you're showing. I'm always partial to the "purple-er" one!

Anonymous said...

I like Glacial - I think the contrast works really well on the dark fabric. Lovely progress on VoHRH too!

Michelle said...

VOHRH looks fabulous. Glacial is gorgeous (although every one of those skeins looks beautiful!!).