Monday, November 13, 2006

Slow weekend

I wasn't very productive over the weekend - I did make a little progress on Part 2 of Marquior but I'm way behind and doubt if I will have that part done before part 3 is availalble on Thursday. I'll give it my best but I still have a ton to finish.

I did complete the Brittercup puppy from the Christmas issue of JCS 2006 in brown insead of black - it turned out cute. I have one more of these to make - super quick.

I stated the Quaker STrawberry from Blackbird Designs from the Christmas issue of JSC 2006. I'm using one strand of floss and it's coming out pretty light - maybe I should be using two to make if pop a little better.

I did manage to take some pictures of Molly and Clancy for our Christmas cards this year - here are two cute ones (the quilt was one I completed last year). I'm hoping to work with the woman who helped me out last year. It was only Molly because I didn't get Clancy until after the holiday but it was super cute.


shortoldlady said...

Oh they are TOO CUTE! Merry Christmas - where's my treat??

You're stitching is lookin good. Nice job on the Brittercup puppy!

Katrina said...

Hi Margie,just been catching up with your recent posts - you have done some lovely stitching recently, love all of your ornament finishes - the Britty puppy is on my list to do this year :)

Glenna said...

The pugs are so cute in their Christmas finery! And the quilt--wow!