Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election day

If you are a registered voter, please remember to vote today - you can't complain if you don't vote. I do both - complain and vote. ;-) I cast my ballet before I went to work today because tonight is agility and I won't have time later.

Here is my progress on my two current ornaments - almost done with Santa! I had been planning on stitching on some white fuzzy stuff on his beard after I did the cross stitch (thanks for the suggestion Sue) but I just want to finish this one up - I'll save the fuzzy stuff for another Santa. And I can finally tell the second one is a house. Last night I made some more progress on Marquior, I finished up the the medium size alphabet - I'll work on the smaller one tonight before I leave for agility. Then I will be half way done with part 2.

Here are the two colors I picked out for Quaker Samplers I and II - Milady's Teal from Crescent Colours and Grape Green from The Gentle Art. They will both be done on Sugar Maple 32 count linen. I think they will look really nice hanging together. That green is exactly what was looking for.

I signed up for the My Treasures Workstation class from Nancy Odell. What was I thinking??!! :-) I will have six works in progress plus a half a dozen more projects kitted up. And I said it was never going to happen to me.... LOL! I'll be picking out the linen and fiber over the next several days. I think I'll be using overdyed silks and a Silkweaver linen. I have received four now from my new autoship program - maybe one of those will work? Does that make sense? Starting with your linen and then picking out fibers to match it? I think so, so that's what I'll do.


shortoldlady said...

Your color selections look lovely in the picture so they must be extra in person! And the Santa is lookin good!

Emily said...

Love the santa! He's cute and I think he looks good without the fuzzy stuff...