Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just a R and half an S

It's hard to get much stitching done on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings - both are agility nights now. I worked on Marquior and I did get the R finished and a good start on the S. Tonight the only goal is to finish the S. I'll try to get a photo tonight. On Wednesdays I literally have to throw some dinner at Molly, toss some food in my gut and walk out the door with Clancy to make the start of class. But I always manage. It's so distracting when people come in late. And I'm always surprised on how many people walk in way after the start of class time and then expect the entire class to wait while they get a quick lesson.

I finished up Quaker Strawberry by Blackbird Designs using the recommended fiber and linen - like I said yesterday, it doesn't look like much now but will be very cute when completed into an ornament. I started on Pear Tree this morning. I love the sassy brass color.

I continue to ponder what sort of linen and fiber I should use for my Cirque des Cercles. I did purchase a piece of Golden Harvest (a variegated tan color) from Silkweavers to use with this piece and I was thinking of some sort of blue/green variegated silk from Vikki Clayton. Well yesterday that all went out the door. On the Ink Circles website, there is a photo of a completed Cirque des Cercles stitched on black 32 count using a DMC variegated gold #111. It blew me away. In the very beginning I had been thinking of using a dark linen with a light fiber. And once I saw that photo on Monday, I could not help but think that maybe I should go back to my orginial plan. So I went to the Silkweavers site and picked out a new color linen - I went with Evening Dreams. I just hope it's not too much of a dark purple and leans more on the dark blue, dark green side. And natually I had to go back to the Vikky Clayton site and look for more silks. I picked out seven more than might have promise. I will order them this week. And I can use the Golden Harvest for the design I purchased yesterday. Or hold onto it for another project - there is always another project. :-)

On the agility front with Molly - she was almost spot on last night. On her first run she only had two mistakes and one was mine! I'm so proud of that little girl. She has come so far and I think we are ready for our trial on Sunday. My goals are very simple - one is to have fun, fun fun and to only have two off courses. It might really happen.


shortoldlady said...

Progress is lookin good! I LOVE Ink Circles - aren't they beautiful. Happy floss buying at vikki's site - that's fun picking from all the lovely choices. Hooray for Molly - sounds like she's having fun!

KarenV said...

I love both of your ornaments Margie! My ornament issue finally arrived today - yay! - and I want to stitch both of the ones you've done.

That version of the Ink Circles design is just stunning! Good luck on finding a colour. BTW, have your tried buying sample tags from Vikki instead of the full skeins of thread? Just thought it might be cheaper for you :)

Katrina said...

look forward to seeing your strawberry made up Margie, and yr LHN one is another on my list to do sometime :)