Monday, November 06, 2006

Frustrating weekend

I had one of those stitching weekends. We've all had them - the one's where nothing works? Of course it wasn't all bad - I did go to my LNS for some stash enhancement and that was pretty fine. I picked up an alternate color for one of my Quaker Samplers from With My Needle. I bought a really nice green that goes nicely with Myladies Teal (I forgot to write down the name). I also picked up a chart for Homespun Elegance called Delivering Winter - it will be my White Elephant for Christmas. And I picked up a super cute pin kit with a carrot in a tin. I love how it's finished and it gave me a couple of ideas for quick Christmas ornaments. And speaking of ornaments, the shop still had the 2005 ornament issue from Just Cross Stitch. Surprising enough, there are only a couple I think I plan to do.

After I got home, I sat down and decided to finish up Heart and Hand before starting work on Marquior ABC. It was around 7:00pm and I was starting the second row of the saying, when I realized I was going to run out of Fire Dragon. :-0 Such a bummer. So today I'll place an order with Vikki - I had some things I wanted to buy in any case, I just hadn't planned on it this week. When I was finished with the saying, I picked up Marquior. There is a motif on the left hand side that has been bugging me since I completed it last month. It just looked off but when I would check my chart, all was stitched correctly. And then I looked at my chart better. When I joined the two half's of part one and taped them together to work on them, I misaligned the two pieces and I was short one row in the middle of the motif. Duh. No wonder it looked so off. So I started to frog the entire thing out. About half way though that chore, I realized that I had to have made a mistake also in the left hand side border since the two half's are joined there also. And sure enough when I looked across to that portion of the piece, I was off - it just jumped of the fabric it was so clear. Well double damn. By this point it was close to 10:00pm so I just finished up pulling out the motif thread and went to bed.

On Sunday I started back early frogging out the border but never got to the point to start to put it back in. It was really slow going and the Bears were loosing! And looking really bad in the process! It really didn't much matter from that point on. Put 20 stitches in, pull 10 stitches out. I finally gave up making real progress on Marquior around 5:00pm. I picked up the Mosey n Me Santa ornament and made little progress there also but at least I finally started working on the beard.

This morning I put in my bag for the train the Prairie Schooler ornament, Winter, from the 2006 JCS. Not much of a start because I put in a row of Santa's beard (one down, seven to go). I plan on working on the beard on the train for 20 minutes each ride this week so I can finish this one up. I'd love to have several to finish into ornaments while I'm on vacation at the end of the month. So far I only have one ready. I'd like to have four or five. I ordered several of the ornament cut linens from Drema on Thursday - I'm hoping they arrive this week but she said she was still waiting for the Queen's Ann's Lace to arrive and I needed two of those cuts for the Brittercup Designs puppy ornament - I'm doing two of those, one for me of course and one for my sister.

The boss is in the office all week - that means the early train in and the late train home with no chance of working from home.


shortoldlady said...

Bummer weekend :-( Hope you're doing better. Your santa is looking good! What did you decide about the beard? I know I double check when taping my working copy together - been there and goofed up mine before! We WILL overcome!

KarenV said...

What a shame you had a such a frustrating weekend! I love your progress on Heart and Hand sampler - I have this one in my stash to tackle at some point.

Leah said...

You're making great progress on the ABC Marquoir. I've also made a mistake in mine but I don't have the heart to frog it, so mine will be a little less-than-perfect. I'm sure it will be the first of many. ;)