Friday, November 03, 2006

Much progress! And it's Friday!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend. I have some birthday cash to spend and I plan on buying some new clothes. :-) And maybe the pugs will get new collars too!

Here is my progress on Heart and Hand - I accomplished a lot yesterday on the train home as well as later in the evening while I watched tv. I made a start on Block seven of the Village also. For the weekend I think I'd like to make some progress on part 2 of Marquoir ABC - I estimate I'm about a third done with this section. Before I know it, part 3 will be available and my goal is to have the previous release finished before the new one comes out. But I'm sure I'll have to work a bit on Heart and Hand also. I'm almost half way done and the entire bottom half of the piece is all alphabet and a saying. It will go really quick. I think I'd like to make this up into a pillow. Goodness knows I have enough of a fabric stash for 100's of pillows! :-)

I'm fairly certain that while I really like this color, it's not what I'm looking for my bigger Cirque des Cercles. I'll keep searching. Maybe a Caron Waterlilies silk? I do plan on using the Silkweavers 32 count Golden Harvest as the linen. Maybe if I look at a brown and blue variegated thread? I'm not opposed to anything at this point. I'm starting to wonder what the Blackbird Design Loose Feathers #22 will look like. A holiday piece maybe? I'd like that as currently I don't have any Christmas stuff except for my ornaments.


KarenV said...

Great progress! I did Secret Garden on 32ct Golden Harvest with Gloriana Cranberry (as you can see in my avatar) and I think the colours worked well together.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your shopping spree!

Karoline said...

Happy belated birthday Margie, enjoy your clothes shoping.
Congratulations on finishing Quaker Meeting house, it's gorgeous. Heart and Hand is looking lovely as well