Thursday, November 30, 2006

not much to see yet!

Here is my progress on Blackwork Fantasy - super slow going so far. I have to count almost all of it. But once this first brown knot is in place, the second intertwining green knot will go much quicker. And then I can fill them both in with the super pretty variegated Carries Threads and that will just fly since I don't have to even look at the chart to stitch. That sort of stitching is perfect for the train. After that is the blackwork designs in the open areas. I thought long and hard about the most efficient way to do this piece and I think this is it. I should be finished by the end of December I think. I worked on block 7 of the Village last night as predicted. I'm almost finished! I'm holding back the photo so I can share a finis tomorrow. :-)

Speaking of December, I need to think about my goals. They will be modest for sure - I want to get back on track with both the Village and Marquior ABC. I also want to start to work on what I already have in my stash. I have several things kitted up and several more almost ready to go. Then I can start buying more charts. I only have one auto shipment of charts and that's the Loose Feathers so I won't keep building up a ton more (if I can stay out of the stores that is).

As I said yesterday, I've narrowed down my thread color for Cirque des Cercles using a Vikki Clayton silk to two colors. And I think I should go with her premium silk rather than the standard silk. I almost never use more than 1 strand of floss these days even when recommended but I think the dark linen and the lighter thread will need more coverage and I hate the look of 2 over 2. Does anyone have experience with the premium floss? My linen is 32 count. I have yet to order a skein to check it out. And since I need 42 yards of a six stranded floss I would hate to make a mistake.

I have to mention once again how much I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I really depend on your experience! :-)

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KarenV said...

Vikki's premium floss is lovely. I used it on an exchange piece, over 2 on 32ct and it was like using a fine perle cotton. It stitched up quickly and the coverage was great! I think the premium on such a dark fabric is a good choice.