Thursday, July 06, 2006

Quaker Garden - more progress

Here is my Quaker Garden after about 8 or so hours. It really is stitching up quickly. It fun being part of a SAL. It's really cool to see how everybody tackles this project. Some work to the right and some work to the left. And some start at the sides. I started at the center and I'm working to my right.

I found a new designer from information found on the Legacy board (thanks ladies). It's called Ink Circles by Tracy Horner ( I purchased the one called Cirque des Cercles (Circus of the Circles). It's another BAP! What am I thinking? :-) It's done on linen and one color of contrasting thread. The color combinations are endless. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do but the planning sure is fun. Maybe a greenish hand-dyed from Silkweaver ( with an overdyed silk? I sure do love those silks. In any case, I'll be looking for a piece of 32 count linen 22" x 18". Tracy has also designed a piece called Garden Stars and she designed it using greens. It's gorgeous. A friend of hers (Carrie's Threads) developed a set of overdyed floss to go with this. And it's very affordable.

I had a great diet day yesterday - ok, pretty good! I took all my vitamins, drank all my water and only had one slip up. Normally I don't get my undies in a twist about one slip up but this was right after dinner. I wasn't even hungry - I ate a bunch of pretzels. Now I know that pretzels aren't the kiss of death, but dinner wasn't even down my throat before I opened up the bag. That's why it's bad. Oh, well, today is another day I've let it go!


KarenV said...

Your progress looks great Margie! It does stitch up fast, doesn't it? :)

Sharon said...

Lovely progress on Quaker Garden! It is interesting to see who is cross stitching right or left-LOL, I thought I was the only one noticing that.