Monday, October 09, 2006

Super bummed :-(

You are reading the blog of a very bummed person. Saturday afternoon was the first chance I had to stitch so I went over to where I store the tote bag I carry back and forth to work. It's a large tote bag with everything I could possible need for my commute - including my stitching. I reached in my bag to pull out my ziploc project bag for my Winter Arbor and it wasn't there! So I figured I must have pulled already maybe when I got home on Friday. I looked everywhere - in the house, the my car, outside, everywhere. No stitching. I think I must have left it on the train Friday afternoon. :-( What makes me so mad is I always look at my seat before I leave to make sure I haven't left something behind. But I didn't look on Friday because I was in such a big hurry. And I still had my headphones from my MP3 player on so if the bag dropped out of my tote, I would not have heard it fall. It's gone. :-( My Winter Arbor about 20% complete, NPI silks, hoop, and worst of all, my dovo scrissors with the cute little Shepherd's Bush Summer scissor bob I made last June. I did check with Lost and Found this morning at the train station but Friday's items don't show up until late morning. So there still is a chance I suppose that it will show up but I'm not really holding out much hope. And I do have the chart, it was still in my tote bag so I can purchase new supplies and restart.

Not to be a total downer, I did finish Part 1 of Marquior ABC. It looks super funny with just that one corner done with the rest of it so empty. It's only a week to go before Part 2 comes out. I also started Block 10 of the Village. I love the little worm coming out of the apple.

And I started on Flea Market Souvener as my new train project. But I didn't realize until I was on the train that my old hoop was bad so I have to stitch without it today.


KarenV said...

Oh Margie, I'm so sorry about Winter Arbor! {{{hugs}}} I would have been really upset too. At least you still have the chart, but I know it's small consolation. Fingers crossed that it does turn up in Lost and Found.

Love your WIPs - they're all looking great so far!

shortoldlady said...

What a bummer! Here's to your work showing up in the lost & found. We all will send positive vibs!