Friday, October 06, 2006

It's snowing

I made progress on Winter Arbor - it's starting to snow :-) I can't even express how much I like using NPI Silk thread. I just love the feel of it as it goes through the linen. I can't believe I lived so long without it! I swear if I could go out and replace all my DMC with NPI I would.

I worked on Marquior ABC last night and I'm almost finished with part 1. My goals for the weekend are to finish part 1 (I only have 10 days to go for part 2) and to start block 10 of the Village. I think that is doable because I don't have a lot planned and several movies waiting for me to watch from my Netflix subscription.
Yesterday while taking a brief break during work and reading some blogs I enjoy, I came across a designer of cross stitch called Homespun Elegance - it just so happens, several people are working on different designs right now - where have these been all my life?! I can't believe how many of their charts I just fell in love with. I MUST have Hare in Flight and a couple of the welcomes. But what really caught my eye was the Gathering series and the season Delivering series. I love the folk art look and these are just so cute. I'll have to drive out to my closest cross stitch store to find some. Like I need more charts right now! LOL! Yes, I'm crazy.

I'm really glad it's Friday - I worked my butt off this week and that is not the usual way I operate at work. Next week should be more of the same. Tomorrow is my monthly pug meetup at the off-leash dog park close to my house. This will most likely be the last really nice weather meetup we have for a while. November is hit or miss and December through February/ March will be cold. But we still go - we just put coats on the our pugs. :-) They look so cute all bundled up.

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Karoline said...

You're making great progress on this one :)