Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hump day!

I don't have much progress on anything to report today. I feel asleep on the train yesterday on my way home so I didn't get much done - just a little work on the red motif on the bottom. And since last night was agility with Molly, not much progress was done either on the Village. This morning I decided to bring the Village with me on the train as I am so far behind and I only have six days left of October to meet my goal of a block a month. I really don't want to get behind with this piece. I have a feeling if I let myself get behind with this huge piece, it will become too overwhelming and I will just put it aside to languish and all the money will go to waste. And I do have hopes of completing the House of Hawk Run Hollow and any other future pieces from this designer with the Hawk Run Hollow theme.

Anyway, back to the train this morning. It didn't go very well at all. The Village is really too big to work on on the train using my 11 inch Q-snaps (which is what I'm using right now). I never could get comfortable with the position of the piece and the small train seat. And I had to rip out about 30 minutes of work when I noticed that I started the top of the barn two rows off. :-( Grrrrr. Of course I'll work on it again tonight on the way home since it is all I have with me but right now I'm not sure if I will bring it again.

As mentioned above, last night was agility with Molly - she did pretty good last night. I was very pleased. If she wasn't such a diva, there is a chance we would have moved onto the next class by now. Which really I don't want to do as it is an hour later and doesn't finish up until after 10:00pm. I like to be in bed by 9:00 since I get up so early in the morning (4:45am) to make my train. Our next trial is in four weeks and I'm already worrying about it. I enjoy agility and would like to succeed with her. My other pug, Clancy, starts beginners tonight. I didn't think I was going to be able to find the money to take him to this session but some how I managed. The first session is going to be pretty boring since I'm used to full courses with Molly. It will be eight weeks of one jump, turn this way and one jump and turn that way. I know how important the fundamentals are but how boring. I have very high hopes for Clancy-Butt since he is not a diva in any way and just loves to please. Molly just pleases herself. Kinda like me.... :-)

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