Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's snowing again!!

Yesterday as I boarded the train for my ride home, a lady approached me and handed me my Winter Arbor. I did drop it leaving the train last Friday and she is a regular rider and sits in the same car that I do and has noticed me stitching everyday. So she figured rather than put it in the Lost and Found, she would give it to me personally when she saw me next and as Monday was a holiday (Columbus Day) and she was off work, Tuesday was the first chance she had. I'm so grateful that she did. All is well in Margieworld right now. :-) Of course I had already ordered new linen for it but I can use it I'm hoping for some of my Christmas ornaments. Here is my progress before I lost it.

I decided to stick stitching with Flea Market because that is where my momentum is right now. Here is my progress on part 2 - the house. Of course I can't take a good picture to save my life but the colors are so nice. I love Palomino for the house and the Teal Frost trim is very pretty.

I did a little shopping with Drema yesterday - I did purchase both With My Needle charts I wanted - the Quaker Sampler Book and the Quaker Samplers. I also purchased the recommended linen and the recommended floss for both Quaker Samplers. Drema said the floss recommended is Crescent Colours Milady's Teal. The teal part of the name is very deceptive - the color isn't teal at all. It's more of what Drema describes as shades of Williamsburg Blue (my favorite blue) around the DMC 930 range. I always assume teal is a blueish green but there is not a spec of green in this floss. I can't wait to get started on one of these two samplers. I've been wanting to do a true Quaker for a while now, since I finished up BBD Quaker Garden. I'm hoping I can get Flea Market finished before the supplies arrive. The Samplers are a medium size piece so I'm hoping I can do them on the train. I really don't want to work a large pieces during my commute.

As always, Tuesday evening is agility with Molly and it was another frustrating class. She just really wants to do her own thing and at one point I had to pick her up during a run and put her in a crate. She is so dead set on doing whatever she wants and that is rarely what I want her to do. After her time out, she did better and even better still when her reward for doing what I needed her to do was play with her flying squirrel. We think that toys are the key with her and not food. I start Clancy in two weeks. I wonder if I've learned enough with Molly to start him out better. Time will tell!


shortoldlady said...

I am SO HAPPY for you! That was nice of your fellow rider - perhaps the lost and found wouldn't have been so careful with it! Best wishes to you and your "guardian angel!"

KarenV said...

How kind of that lady! I'm so pleased you got it back :)

Karoline said...

I'm so glad you've got Winter Arbor back, how kind of your fellow traveller