Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flower Folio Happy Dance

I decided to finish up Amaranth last night since I was so close to being done. I've completed a series I started in 1990! It only took 16 years! LOL! :-) Of course I pulled out the other three to admire them together and I noticed that Bluebells is shorter than all the rest. So I'm going to add a band to even it up. I'm sure it would look ok but I'm a freak when it comes to that sort of thing and I'd always notice it was short.

I did start Winter Arbor from The Drawn Thread on the train this morning as I'm still waiting for my Quaker Meetinghouse supplies to arrive. This one will go even quicker than Fall Arbor did - there are a few less specialty stitches in this piece - the trees are bare after all!

Yesterday I signed up for the Silkweavers Fabric of the Month deal - I went with the Wish List program. And I picked out mostly tans and creams and other neutrals! How boring of me. But I know what I like that is for sure. I can't wait to see what they send me first. I know I'll be able to use everything I get in the next couple of months on Christmas stuff. And once I get a nice stock of neutrals, I'll revise my list and put some colors on it.

I also had a good mail day yesterday. Peg, the fellow stitcher who's Secret Garden I finished off a couple of months ago, sent me two finishing books. How nice is that? I didn't have any finishing books at all and have so far been just experimenting with how to do it. I've been doing OK but they would not hold up under closer inspection. :-) There are a ton of ideas and lots of tips. I can't wait to mess with some ornaments. Thanks Peg! Stitchers are great people and I'm grateful everyday that I got involved with stitching again.

The boss is back in the office so I'm busy as all get out. I'm already wishing it was Friday and the day just started. ;-)


Peg said...

That turned out so nice Margie! They all look so nice when you place them side by side. So happy you like the books.

Karoline said...

Congratulations Margie, they're gorgeous

Katrina said...

well done on a lovely SB finish, they all look great :)