Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have a new star!

Last night was Clancy's first night of agility class. What a little star he was! And he had so much fun. The class has a great mix of little and big dogs - four other dogs his size or smaller (one is his buddy Cleo, a black pug). Clancy was fearless as he learned each of the three obstacles we did last night - the tunnel, the a-frame and jumps (which he already knew from our work in the backyard). Molly was much more hesitant to learn new things but Clancy just got to work. Right now my biggest problem with him is keeping him from running in front of me. One of these days I'm going to step on him hard or go down myself trying to avoid him. But he is pretty smart - I'm sure it will only happen once - I just hope it doesn't hurt to bad when I finally stomp on his foot. :-(

Not much progress to report on either the Village or Quaker Meetinghouse. I did decide to continue my work on Quaker Meetinghouse as my train project so I'll work on that back and forth to work until it's finished - next week sometime. But my evenings and this coming weekend will be dedicated to Block 10 of the Village - I'm determined not to get behind. I'll even put aside my plans to do an ornament on Sunday to finish.

I won't get much stitching done tonight or maybe even tomorrow night - I have to sew Molly and Clancy's Halloween costumes! We have a party with my Pug Meetup Group on Saturday and a party at K9 Playtime (where we go to agility) on Sunday. Molly is going to be a sunflower garden and Clancy is going to be a cowboy. It should be cute.


Karoline said...

Great progress on Quaker Meeting house

Emily said...

Good progress! I want to see pictures of the pugs in their halloween costumes!!