Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flea #1

I completed part 1 of Flea Market Souvenir last night - I love the colors and felt like completing something instead of working on the Village. I don't like the placement of the personalization initial (the extra A at the top for Alma) so I didn't put in my initial. But then when I was finished last night I noticed how terrible the large eyelet looked mushed into the middle like it is. So I'm going to rip it out and move it to the corner. I think that will look much nicer. I'm not going to personalize my piece until I've completed all three sections and joined them with the embroidery stitches. Then I will be able to see where they really should go. But I'm already thinking maybe on either side of the small urn to the left. I'm also stitiching mine on three different colors of R&R. It should be pretty when finished.

I went to the lost and found at the train station this morning to see if anyone turned in my Winter Arbor - no one did. :-( I'm so bummed. I'll order the silks this week from Drema and look for the fabric again. I don't want this to set me back on my Arbor series. I really do love them. I do morn the loss of my Dovos though, those where kick ass scissors and it will be awhile before I will have the cash to buy another pair.

I started on Part 2 of Flea Market on the train in this morning - that house is going to take several days at least. And I'm already wondering if I have enough Palomino floss. Time will tell I guess.

I'm also fighting the urge to buy more charts. I really want to start on a Quaker piece and I love the charts from With My Needle. I want to do Quaker Samplings (I like both) and the Quaker Pattern Book. I talked myself out of ordering them on Friday but yesterday the desire to pick up the phone and order them was just as strong. Good thing Drema is closed on Monday's or I would have for sure! I'm hesitating on ordering the Quaker Pattern Book because I don't want to do it over one and if I stitch it over two on 32 count the size of the book will be 5 x 7. I think some of the beauty of this piece is the really small finished size when done over one. But my over one really sucks. I've yet to be happy with any over one I've done to date. So I don't know what to do. October is my birthday month so I can use my 30% one item to buy the chart. Maybe that will help me make up my mind. And I think I'd like to use silk thread but I have no idea on what color range to use. I like the idea of using a darker linen and using a cream or white thread. That would be pretty I think.

Maybe it is time to call Drema...... LOL!


KarenV said...

Love your start on FMS! I have this one but I don't have fabric for the section that you've stitched yet.

I'm having great results with Ruth Sparrow's (Twisted Threads) over one instructions, that I posted in my blog yesterday. Maybe that will help you decide on the Quaker book :)

Karoline said...

FMS is looking lovely, great start. I'm really bummed for you over Winter Arbor, I stitch on the train as well so I know how you feel.

Joanie said...

Hi! I second Ruth's method for over one!

Sorry for your loss of Winter Arbor, that stinks!

Flea market sampler is looking great! Keep posting pictures and I may have to break down and buy it! Very nice!