Friday, October 13, 2006

Playing hooky

I'm at home today - I love to play hooky on Friday's! Shame on me... :-)

I'm making excellent progress on Flea Market - I will finish the middle part today and I think I will take the time to join the first to the second part today. I have a feeling that it will go a little slow because of my poor embroidery skills - so today seems like the perfect day.
No plans for the weekend - I need to get into the garden and do some of my fall stuff. And I've a ton of stuff to plant which I purchased a couple of months ago into my new perennial garden. So far all I've done is turn over the soil. If I don't get it done soon, it will be too late for this year. I'm still waiting for spring bulbs to come which I ordered two months ago. I'm going to call again today and cancel the order if they can't give me a date.
Yesterday it was snowing here! It's not unusual to have snow in early October but it always feels too soon! I'm not a fan of the cold and snow so I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm a sunshine girl at heart. I have no plans for the weekend - but I do need to start quilting. I'm feeling terribly guilty that I totally stopped sewing this year. It wasn't even a gradual stop - it was just one day I was quilting and one day I wasn't. I have so many really pretty projects all ready to go. Maybe I'll go through my stash. That usually gets my creative juices flowing. :-)


Joanie said...

Looking great! Playing hokey on a Friday rocks!

Barb said...

That is coming along nice!