Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moving right along

I'm making good progress with part two of Flea Market Souvenir. I'm hoping to have this portion completed by Friday's train ride home. I almost hope that my supplies for my Quaker Samplers don't arrive until Monday - I have no chance of putting any silk into the Village if it does! LOL! I'm way to easily distracted by something new. :-) I know I'm not alone out there either. ;-) I had a couple of suggestions (thanks!) to try Ruth Sparrow's over one technique. I think I'm going to give it a go. I have been sitting on a Hillside Samplings project called the Flower Samplers and each of the four designs has a lot of over one included. And they are FULLY kitted with recommended Crescent Colours and linen - and have been since May or so. I think they would be a good choice to mess around a bit with. Of course the downside to doing over one on these is, they are 36 count and not the bigger count that I would be doing the Quaker Sampler book in (28 count is recommended). So I'm not sure if it's a fair test or not. Aren't these pretty? In the book, Lesley Rudnicki indicated that she will be doing one more flower book with three more flowers in it so there will be seven in total at some point. I received my supplies for Quaker Meetinghouse in the mail yesterday. On Karen and Tina's experience and recommendations with this piece, I purchased three skeins of the Cresent Colours Tartan Plaid. When I opened the package last night, all three of my skeins were there but one of the skeins was so different from the other two! Two were shades of medium blue, light blue and a teal blue. The odd one has no teal in it at all and is even a different sort of blue all together. I remember Karen mentioning that the same thing happened to her. So I'll work that odd one in here and there. How odd....

I'm so glad the work week is almost over - ok I know it's only Thursday but the fact I'm talking about the end of the week is a good indication of how it's been going. Friday please get here soon! In fact, I might even feel a cold coming on. Wink wink!

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KarenV said...

Nice progress on FMS Margie!

I'm surprised the LNS sent out mismatching skeins of the same colour, although it won't matter if you mix them up, as you suggested.