Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A small finish

Here is my first ornament of the season - Winter's Eve by Country Cottage Needleworks. Cute little piece. My goal is one ornament a week with the finishing the following week. We will see how that goes! I usually overestimate what I really can do in a week so I will probably have to revise my goal at some point.

I don't have anything else to show today because there was no stitching on the train (see yesterday's post) and the Chicago Bears played Monday Night Football - and I don't get much stitching done when I'm watching my beloved Bears stink up the field. But all was well, they pulled it out in the end to beat the Cardinals 24 to 23. By the skin of their pants! Most of us Bear fans are trying really hard not to compare this team to the 1995 Super Bowl team but it's hard. A lot of us are all ready planning what we will be doing on February 4. And we all know it is way too soon to be doing so. So I'll try really hard to take it one week at a time.

I'm working from home today and tonight is agility with Molly so there won't be much stitching today. I think I'll work on Winter Arbor when time allows - I'm expecting my Quaker package from Drema today. And I know I'll want to start on that. I kinda wish I would have gone with a different thread color - I like it when my finished pieces look a little different from the model. But since I don't have a close LNS I can't go check out the colors in person. And I only know to true the disappointment of opening a package of thread that came in the mail containing thread colors I picked online and how sometimes the true colors are nothing like what I saw on my computers monitor.


shortoldlady said...

Very pretty! Nice job. Good luck on your goal.

Katrina said...

two lovely finishes there- the CCN ornament is one of my favourites from this year's magazine so it is great to see it stitched. Such pretty colours on Flea Market too.