Friday, April 10, 2009

My last day

Today is my last day of vacation. Talk about quick! I need at least another week to get my list even partially started. :-) Over the last two days the weather has been wonderful - for mid-April that is. Almost 60 degrees both days and totally sunny. So I ended up doing yard stuff for the entire two days. I had to fix a major problem in my fish pond and that took an entire day by itself. I had a piece of pipe come apart late last fall and it was too late to fix it as it was already snowing outside. Since my pipes are three feet under the ground, it took a lot of digging to get to the problem and then of course I had to replace the section of pipe and put in a new joint. I bet you didn't know I could do my own plumbing. :-) As a result, I have only had a couple of hours to stitch and I can't show what I stitched because it's for an exchange. I haven't even managed to put a stitch into my HoHRH! I'm really behind with that now and I've got to get going before Nicole breezes past me. :-) We are both doing one block a month but she is also on vacation this week so my only hope of keeping up with her is if she didn't bring Houses with her. :-)

The pugs are way short of nap time because of all the time spent outside over the past few days. This is what they were up to yesterday at 4:00pm.

Who is who? This is my Aoife and her sister Seven. They really do look alike. Seven is on the right. I still want to keep her but I'm sure her mom Peggy won't let me. Bummer, Aoife and I are really going to miss her when she goes home tomorrow.
Here is Mikey. He didn't move all night. :-)

And Clancy, he didn't move much either.

Lucky for them, the weather is not going to get out of the high 40's/low 50's today because it's going to be mostly cloudy all day so they will be able to get caught up on naps. And I'm going to also try to get on track with other tasks. I still want to clean out my craft cabinet and start my House #4. And finish my exchange piece. It will be tough however because tomorrow the laminate floor I bought for my parents for Christmas is being installed in the living room. One of my brothers is coming over to help me and since the living room is 19' x 16' it will take all day.

Until next time! Have a great weekend! :-)


Margaret said...

Boy, you've been busy! :D Hope you manage some stitching with the laminate floor! That picture of Aiofe and her sister -- I did a double take, they look so much alike! Even the same pose! lol! Love seeing all the pugs and their guests!

Patti said...

You sure have been a busy little bee haven't you! Loved seeing all the pugs and their guests. Love Patti xxx

Deb said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly a vacation goes by? But you've gotten a lot done (maybe not stitching) but other things! You'll catch up on the stitching!

Carol R said...

Are you sure the pugs didn't do the plumbing - they all look plumb worn out!

Sorry your vacation time went so quickly - never enough hours in the day is there?

Doris said...

the vacation are so short..

the pug look so cute together.

Alice said...

Now that is the life!!!! Your pugs look very much on vacation. Very unusual to see them sleep on top of the cushions like cats. Real cuties. Time goes quick when you are having fun but enjoy what is left of your holiday.

Siobhan said...

You can do your own plumbing?? Wow, I am impressed! Just having to dig up the pipes would be enough for me to call in a plumber! It sounds like a wonderful couple of days, though--and the pups look worn out! ;)

Karoline said...

It sounds like you've been very productive.

Cute photo's of the pugs