Friday, April 17, 2009

Almost the weekend!

In an effort to save money, I have probably been penny wise and pound foolish. I'm over three quarters of the way done with the top piece of the pincushion and I realized this morning that I probably won't have enough of either main color of floss to complete the alphabet portion that goes around the piece on the sides. If I would have purchased the entire kit from Drema I would have more than enough because the Belle Soie skeins have so much more thread on them. So unless I use a second pinkish color for my sides, not only will I need two more skeins of floss but the gas to my LNS as well. Bummer. I had planned on driving out in any case tomorrow to look for buttons but then I realized yesterday that I didn't have button money this week. Maybe in two weeks. So stay tuned to see what I end up doing! LOL! I'd love to finish this over the weekend.

I'm not real happy with my GA Pomegranate - its a little brighter than I think it should be. I like the GA Chamomile however. And I'm happy with the touch of WDW Fawn that I added for the thread color, it was charted to be the same color as the peacock but I like how it stands out now.

Today is the first day of the International Quilt Festival which is held every year in Rosemont, Illinois. This is the first year in five that I'm not going today. I don't have any money this week!! Waa-waa-waa for me. :-) Over the past couple of years I've picked up some great things for stitching and some great quilting things also. The fabrics and trims are to die for. And the things are kitted up are amazing. But since I'm not quilting much it's hard to justify spending a lot of money on that particular hobby right now. In fact I don't think I started anything I purchased from last year's show and I know I didn't finish anything to completion from the show I attended two years ago. Maybe I'll drive out Sunday morning for a few hours. If nothing else it's great for inspiration.

That's all for now, have a great weekend! And thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments - they are always fun to read. :-)


Deb said...

I think your piece is coming along great. Hopefully you'll figure out a solution to the thread dilema. I hate when that happens though because I don't have a LNS very close to me either. The
Quilt Festival sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you get to spend a couple hours there even if it's just for inspiration.

Leah said...

Have you looked in your stash for colours that are reasonably close to the ones you will run out of? It's a sampler, so they don't even have to be that close. This kind of thing happens to me more that I care to admit. ;) Good luck!!

Patti said...

I love how it is looking so far and I bet you do have more pinks in your stash. Anyway just wanted to tell you that the phrase you used 'Penny wise and Pound foolish' is actually a British one and the Pound refers to the British Pound and goes way way way back. We don't actually have pennies anymore here but Pounds and Pence. Boy have I ever been through some changes in this adopted country of mine. Lots of Love and hope you have a great weekend Patti xxx

Doris said...

i hope you can find some similaar floss in your stash to complete this pinkeep.
have a nice weekend.

Siobhan said...

Ugh, I've had that happen more times than I care to mention! It looks great so far, though. Hopefully you can find some stuff to make it work. Have a great weekend!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Isn't that frustrating running out of floss!!!!