Thursday, February 01, 2007

Three down and one to go!

As the train pulled into my station last night, I put in my last cross stitch on my third knot. And I didn't fall asleep! Today I did start on the last knot and I'm judging from how long it took me, I have six to seven hours left for the cross stitching portion of this project. I think I just might work on it a bit this weekend. I just want it finished. :-)

I've mentioned the dog bed from hell that I have been working on since the holidays several times. Well over the past couple of weekends, I've pulled the quilt top out to start to mark it for machine quilting. And have stopped before I even started. I just hate the colors so much. I'm just not a yellow person and the overall look of it is so bright. It struck me on Monday on how much it looks like a baby quilt! So after a couple of days of consideration, I decided to scrap the entire top. I have a dozen nephews and nieces who are all starting to (many already have - I actually already have a couple of great nieces!) reproduce and I always try to give them a quilt as a shower gift. So I'm going to save this for a baby quilt and start over on my dog bed. I'll just take off the four odd pieces and it's the perfect size. And the perfect colors!

So over the past couple of days, I've spent the free time I've had at work looking for the perfect fabric. Yeah, I could have gone through my stash but I really wanted something new and special since it's going to be in my living room. And I found this line of fabric from 3 Sisters of Moda called Chocolat. I purchased the entire set of fat quarters - all fifty of them. I just love them. The blue isn't quite my shade of blue but as an accent color, it's great. Of course, now the backing piece I've already quilted for the bottom and sides might not work, it's a lovely green and tan twill strip but I just don't care. I love this stuff so much so if I have to make another back then so be it. But it just might work from what I can tell looking at the fabric swatches online.

Right now I'm planning on the dog bed and a lap quilt for me. All matching! I'll use wool batting for my lap quilt as well as the dog bed. It's so light but oh so warm. I can't wait to start to plan the design for the quilt. I have a ton of ideas. I've got my quilting mojo back!

Clancy was great again in agility last night. Our only mistakes last night where mine!


Allie said...

I love the quilt squares!!!! The colors are great, even the baby/country blue. I agree - good accent color. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I like the knots too - very pretty!

Cindy said...

You stitching is looking very awesome! You are doing such a wonderful job on it. I love the new fabric for the dog bed, great choices. I am sure that it will be just gorgeous!