Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A finish! But...

Well I did something stupid yesterday - when I left work for the day, I left my camera at work! So no pictures of my finished Bluebird's Message and no progress picture of Marquior ABC - I'm finally at a point where it shows that I've been working on it. And I'm working at home today so I can't even get the camera until tomorrow and that means I won't be able to load my pictures until Friday. Sorry! But take my word for it, it's super cute. :-) I might try to go to the fabric store today at lunchtime and pick up what I need to finish it up. It would be totally cool to show off the finished, finished picture. Since I'm not on the train today, I still have not picked out my next project but it's between the Sampler of Stitches and Quaker I.

I did receive my fabrics for my dog bed on Monday - the fabrics are just wonderful. It's always so nice when you order something online and have never seen the fabric in person and it exceeds your expectations when it arrives. In fact I like it so much, I have decided to make a full size quilt for my bed and make a new comforter cover for my bed using the wide size fabric that matches. So the dog bed will match! I'll have to make new pillow shames of course. And I sure wish I had a serger sewing machine. I wonder if I can rent one for a weekend? I should look into that. My sister has one but I don't really talk to her so it would kinda suck if I asked to borrow hers.

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monique said...

Well, rats! I wanted to see your bluebird. I think you need to start the quaker :)