Friday, February 16, 2007

Progress again

As predicted yesterday, I felt the need for a sick day today. So I'm at home. :-) The pugs are very happy. I worked on Quaker Sampling I on the way home from work last night as well during the evening while I watched TV. Right now, I have so many big WIPs that I'm feeling like nothing is getting finished. And I hate that feeling. But I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't want to stop any of my large projects and I need to continue to work on what is in my basket that is ready to be stitched. I think what I need is a couple of super small projects so I feel like something is getting done. It really is driving me crazy.

Tonight my LNS is having their Market show so I might drive out to see that. I wish they had a day session since I'm home rather than just one tonight. I think I'll give them a call and see what I'll be missing if I don't go tonight. I also want to check out their supply of Picture This Plus linens. I'm still not really happy with the Silkweavers Midnight I received a couple of months ago for my Ink Circles piece. Here is a picture of the linen and I'll admit while it's not the best you can see just how splotchy it is. I wanted something more subtle that than. PTP has several really pretty dark bluish shades. I'm dying to check something else out.

No other plans for the weekend except work on my WIPs, notably The Village of Hawk Run Hollow and Quaker Samplings and hopefully finish cutting out my quilt. I'm still waiting for some fabric to show in the mail so who knows if I'll actually be able to start sewing this weekend. Oh, and I need to download Part 6 of Marquior ABC. Have a great weekend!


Carol said...

Wow, your Midnight linen is not right - I wonder if Silkweaver would replace that for you? It definitely should not look splotchy.

KarenV said...

I would also mention to Silkweaver that you're not happy with the fabric - I'm sure they'd swap it for you, their customer service is generally very good.

Lovely progress on Quaker Samplings - I totally hear you about having all big pieces on the go. I'm in the same situation myself, so I allowed myself to stitch a quick design over the last couple of days, and really enjoyed it. I think most people need the motivation of a quick, simple finish every now and again.

Deanne J said...

Your Quaker Sampling looks great. I would definately contact Silkweavers if your not happy with the fabric.

A Stitch in Time

Anita said...

Your quaker piece is looking good. I would email Tracy at Silkweave for sure about the fabric. She should replace another for you, after all, those fabric is expensive and she has good customer service.