Monday, February 26, 2007

and yet again, more snow!

Thank you so much for all the kind comments regarding my Quaker Samplings finish. I was quite overwhelmed. :-)

It's snowing again and did most of the past weekend. So all of my plans went out the window. But that means I did have plenty of time for stitching and plenty of time to get caught up. And I almost did! :-)

First, on Saturday, I finished up Block 4 of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow - Molly's Boarding House named after my pug Miss Molly. I'm now 58% complete! I think it's a sign that I want it finished since I know the percent complete so well. LOL! I now have a choice to move onto Block 1 or Block 5 - and both are wordy light stitched blocks! Am I ever happy about that. I think I'll go with Block 5 to progress in the manner in which I have been all along.

Then I worked on my SAL Ornament for February. And I finished it. :-) It's the ornament from JSC 2006 With My Needle. I added one of the motifs from Quaker Samplings that I liked to the back. I think it turned out cute. I used WDW Brick on 35 count natural linen. I find I don't have any trouble with the higher count linens. So I'll start working with them more.

I also worked on Marquior ABC Part 5 and I'm almost finished with it. I would have been done by Sunday evening but I finished one of the extra big letters from Part 6 - the C, before starting on the last of Part 5 that I needed to - the A, so that put me a little behind. I had been planning not to stop stitching until the A was complete but my poor eyes were tired out. :-) So I'll put the last stitches in tonight and take a photo. I could have last night but to take a good photo I would have had to take apart the Q-Snaps and I had it just right and I didn't want to mess it up. So tomorrow for sure. If I have any time Tuesday and Wednesday evenings before and after agility I will continue on Part 6 in order to get a little ahead of myself. It's a bit frustrating to be rushing at the end of every month to complete my goals.

This morning on the train, I put in the last stitches on the first part of this months My Treasured Workstation project. It's the front of the pin holder. Now I have to make another just like it for the back. I wish they were a bit different. I'll be done with this by Wednesday for sure. The front only took three train rides to do it and the back should be the same.

So for this week's train rides I'll finish My Treasured Workstation Part 4 and start a new project from my list. I'm planning on the Drawn Thread Sampler ABC.

I did a fair amount of online shopping last week - I purchased a 1/4 cut of Lakeside Linens 36 ct Vintage Autumn Gold for my Quaker Study from Carriage House Samplings - I have the chart and fiber already. The chart calls for 40 count but I'm not ready for that yet. I also purchased a full half yard of 32 count Vintage Autumn Gold for Carriage House Samplings The Girls series. I love these and I figure they should be done on the same cut of fabric. Drema is also trying to find me a 1/4 cut of Phantom Picture This Plus for my Cirque des Cercles. That might take a while she said. I joined a chart of the month plan from Shakespeare's Peddler's - Little House / Crescent Colors Pattern Packs. I love these little fruit designs and even though I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, I just had to have them. I was thinking all of them on the same piece of fabric.


Vonna said...

Wow...I am agog with amazement! Holy are really burning up the linen! Superior job!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Your villiage is looking fantatic! Great job:) said...

Hi Margie, I just stumbled onto your blog and couldn't help but stay a while... :o)
I am amazed by your stitching. LOVE the Village - of course - and your Quaker Samplings is sooo pretty!!

Deanne J said...

Great stitching!!

jane said...

I, too, stumbled on your blog and decided to start one myself. I love your village too, in fact I have ordered it to do for myself!