Monday, February 05, 2007

A sad city

Things are pretty gloomy around here since the Bears lost the Super Bowl yesterday evening. I have to admit, I didn't think they would win but I sure was hoping. At least it wasn't a total blow out. Next year they will be ready for the big game for sure. They need to be a bit more seasoned as a team.

I didn't have much time for stitching over the weekend as I was distracted by many other things. On Friday evening I put some work into my Bluebird's Message - all done now but the border. I also took a couple of hours to sort through my freebie charts and put them into sheet protectors and get them into a binder. I had no idea I'd collected so many! There were dozens and dozens. That's a good thing. :-)

On Saturday I finished up the last couple of words on My Treasured Workstation by Judy Odell. Carol asked last week who the designer is. It's from Judy Odell and it's an group online class I signed up for via the Legacy Board. I can't wait for the finishing to start. That is really why I signed up for the class - to get more help into finishing my own stuff. I also managed to pull out all the blue from Part 1 of Marquior ABC so it would match Part 4. That took me all evening! But I had to be super careful. I didn't want to mess anything up. I did replace all the blue with the red on Sunday morning and Sunday evening while I watched the football game I started on Part 5. I barley got anything finished so I didn't take a photo.

I spent Sunday afternoon with the pugs at the birthday party for the owner's dog of the indoor dog center where I take my pugs for agility. They had so much fun and I took both of them to an animal communicator. That was an experience! Molly told me she wanted to go back to the beach for a visit because she likes it so much and Clancy told me that he cannot believe that something as much fun as agility exists and he gets to do it. :-) Molly also got a puppy message. She really enjoyed that. I'm going to have to get a book on how to do it myself.

For this week's train project I plan on finishing Bluebird's Message and then.... I don't know! I'll see what I feel like on Wednesday or so. During the evenings I need to get a move on with Part 5 of Marquior. There are lots of places I can add more red and I think I will. It's kinda fun doing my own thing.

The draw for the agility on March 3 and 4th was last week - I made both days! I was the only person in my group of friends that made it. I was hoping I wouldn't if they didn't because it's a long day and sitting there mostly by myself is kinda boring. But I think I'll do it in any case and I can also bring some cross stitch to work on.


Cathy said...

Bluebird's Message looks great Margie - wish I could stitch as fast as you do!

Carol said...

Ah, thanks for the info on that gorgeous Judy Odell piece - I love it!! Your Bluebird's Message is... almost... there! Yay!! I am so sorry about the Bears - I cheered as hard as I could! I think the wet field really hurt them!

Terri said...

Needless to say you're stitching is fantastic! I just wanted to say that it's so nice to see someone else who's as crazy about her pups and I am about mine :)