Tuesday, February 13, 2007

dogs on a fence

Here are my pugs at the fence in block 4 of the Village. Kinda looks like pugs, don't you think? :-)

I only worked on the Village for a couple of hours last night. I was just so tired. As soon as I finished up the dogs, I put it aside and watched tv in bed.
Here is my progress on Quaker Samplings I. These motifs are really moving along. No time for stitching tonight since it's agility with Molly. Of course it's snowing like crazy out there right now, so who knows? Maybe I won't want to drive out there. Of course, few people show up when it's this snowy outside so it's always a really good night to attend. We get a lot more time in the ring when there are just a few dogs.


Vonna said...

Wow...you are moving right along on your motif sampler :)

Carol said...

Wow - they really do look a bit like pugs - LOL!

Katrina said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! I always personalize the dogs on pieces too, I do a blond mutt dog :-).