Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

We are in the middle of a cold snap here in Northern Illinois. This morning when I get out of bed it was 1 degree Fahrenheit - for you Celsius people that is what, -17 degrees or so? That is not even including the wind chill factor. By Saturday and Sunday the low will be -5 Fahrenheit/-20 Celsius. Now that is cold. My poor koi! It's a struggle to keep a hole open in the ice for CO2 exchange.

After yesterdays huge mental debate over which project I should start next, when I pulled out the storage box last night to plan today's train project, the first thing I saw was Blackwork Garden Fantasy. Funny how I never even thought about that piece yesterday. ;-) So I started back with it on the train this morning and after two threads lenghts, promptly fell asleep! LOL! This project is like a sleeping pill to me. :-0 I'm almost finished with the second green knot and I'm determined to do it tonight on the way home. In a perfect world I'd start on the third knot also but I don't know if I can stay awake that long. The upside is, I'm almost done with the cross stitches on this piece and I saved the shortest knot for last so I should be able to finish this up in February (I HOPE!). I'm ready to put this one behind me and move onto Cirque des Cercles. I found on a website somewhere (I didn't save the link and should have) that Tracy is making a large red sampler similar to Garden Stars and Sea Stars. I can't wait to see it so I need to get moving with my other two. And I still want to purchase Garden Starts. So many projects, so little time!

Yesterday evening I finished off all the over two work on My Treasured Workstation. I even had a chance before agility to start on the over one words. It's too hard to work on over one on a moving train so I'll finish it up tonight or tomorrow night at home.

Last night in agility Molly was a star - she has her mojo back! It has to be the change from 12" jumps to 8" jumps. My teacher said in a couple of months I can try to move her back to 12" but by then I might have a novice title on her and won't want to redo it for 12" (I hope, I hope!). Of course she started something new over the past few weeks - she has been coming to a complete stop at the top of the A-Frame! Now you just have to picture this, the a-frame is over six feet tall at the peak and here is this little dog just standing at the top looking down at me. It's like she is saying, Look at me! I'm king (or queen) of the mountain! It's hard to be mad at her when she is having so much fun and when she looks so cute, but it's a bad habit I have to try to break quickly. It should be easy, I just have to give her a treat at the bottom of the a-frame everytime she gets there. Then she will stop playing king of the mountain.


Vonna said...

Your project is looking fabulous even if it does put you to sleep!

Lucy said...

I don't think I ever fell asleep cross stitching...that's a good one! But everything looks great so far! (hey, wake up!!)