Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A little bird

Isn't the little bird on the bottom left cute? I just love all the little designs. I'm considering taking a couple and making some Christmas ornaments out of them. I think that would be really cute. Still making great progress on Quaker Sampling I, should be finished by the weekend. Only one more motif to finish and just A-J. :-)

I also managed to work on Block 4 of the Village - and I did get the words Molly's Boarding House complete. But I was running late for agility and didn't have time to take a photo. I'll take one tonight with the entire sign completed (I hope). Then it's finish up the little tree in the top left corner and complete the border and I'm done! Hopefully by Saturday also. Then I can move on to rest of my February commitments - Marquior ABC, my February ornament and My Treasured Workstation. I'm on Part 4 of My Treasured Workstation and it's a little bigger than I had thought it would be. I'll be hard pressed to completed it before Part 5 comes out in a week.


Libby said...

This is such a beautiful piece - I am enjoying the process of your progress.

Michelle said...

This is really coming along fast! It looks beautiful!

Jacque said...

Can I please borrow your fast as lighting needles? You're zooming!!!

Love this green color and the bird is birds!!!!!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

I am so amazed at how much you stitched in one day! It looks great and I just love the green you are using!