Thursday, February 15, 2007

nothing to show

Well after part of an evening at home and almost three hours on trains, I have nothing to show today. That's right I didn't put in a single stitch! I got on the train last night and promptly found a counting error and pulled it out and then I just didn't feel like doing much of anything so I took a little nap for an hour. Felt great. Last night I had agility with Clancy - I know I keep talking about how wonderful he is a agility but he really is. :-) Poor Molly, little does she know, her agility days are going to be cute very short. As soon as I can start to do trials with Clancy, I think I'll retire her. Unless of course, I start to see some improvement pronto. But I doubt I will, she is so stubborn and just wants to do her own thing and I'm tired over fighting her on it.

This morning I was really tired so I didn't even pull my stitching out of the tote bag. I just went right to sleep and didn't wake up until the train pulled into the station in Chicago. I'll do something tonight for sure. And I'm already plotting a sick day for tomorrow. My extra quilting fabric for the quilt I started last weekend is starting to so up at home and I'd love to get that cut out and started this weekend. An extra day sure would be nice.

I spent some time yesterday looking at all the goodies available from the Nashville Market. There are several which I really want to own. Several Carriage House Samplings, notably the Girls Series and A Quaker Study (I'll order than one as soon as it shows up at Needlecraft Corner). I've already ordered from Cat Whisker's Design the Peacock Chair but I think I want to add the Alyssum Scissor Pocket. I already have the Ginger scissors that match it. Of course I want the Blackbird Designs book, With Needle And Thread, some of the designs looks so perfect for me. I also want the La-D-Da charts Mocking Bird and the two bunnies, In the Forest - so cute! And the last thing I really want is from Sheepish Designs - the Alpha series, the last of the three charts is now available Alpha Sheep, it goes with Alpha Birds and Alpha Menagerie. I want to do all three on the same linen as a long band. I guess that is not too bad of a list! LOL!


Meari said...

Hopefully, you'll get back into your stitching groove.. Then watch out world! ;-)

Lucy said...

I get that way too...I just want to take the night off from much as I love it sometimes I do better with a break.