Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Almost there

I'm almost finished with Bluebird's Message. Just a bit of border to go. I think I will leave work a little early today and finish it up. I'll pop a new project in my bag tomorrow. What to do, what to do.

I could start on this, the Barnyard Wool Whimseys from Heart in Hand. I have all but the pig - and the fabric I ordered came in the mail yesterday. I'm doing all four on the same piece of 32 count Summer Khaki. Normally I don't go for cutesy stuff but these are more folk art than cute I think and I could not resist them. And I bought them all for less than $10.00 a piece - that is half off retail. I love a good deal.

Or I can start on Sampler of Stitches from The Drawn Thread - I'm already to go with the first two parts - my silks from Vikki Clayton came last week.

Or maybe something that I've had hanging around for a couple of months? I've had the Quaker Samplers from With My Needle ready to go since October. I'm doing them in different colors - one in Milady's Teal and the other in a beautiful green.

Tune in tomorrow to see what I pick next! LOL!

I had a bit of cool news this morning - there were several mentions in other peoples blogs this morning about the Silkweavers Showcase - the winners were announced. So I went over to check it out. I was a finalist in the medium category! Not to bad for my first try :-). From The Drawn Thread, Linen and Lace stitched on 32 count Cameo.

Congratulations to the winners! They are all spectacular!


Susimac said...

Your linen and lace is spectacular, and I love your bluebird.
If I was chossing what to stitch next it would have to be the DT Sampler.

Vonna said...

Your entry is fabulous....I can't believe that it didn't win! It's gorgeous :)
All your projects that you mentioned are exceptional...I'll just have to wait to see what you pick!

Nicole said...

Your Bluebird's Message is so pretty! You will be finished in no time! I love the Quaker... I have mine ready to go too... I've been waiting to start because I love just looking at the fabric and threads... so silly, I know! :)

Carol said...

My Bluebird's Message finally arrived - now I can enjoy soon too :-) It's so hard when there are so many pretties out there to choose from when getting ready to start a new project - I will make sure to tune in and see what you choose!

Lucy said...

Congratulations...your entry was beautiful!!

Katrina said...

how cool to be chosen as a finalist - no wonder, your Linen & Lace is stunning. Looking forward to seeing Bluebird Message now its finished and your new start :)