Monday, February 19, 2007

It's warming up!

It's going to be in the 30's all week long! And by the weekend in the 40's! Woo Hoo! I've had winter up to here. Yesterday I saw my first two robins in the backyard. Those poor two birds were sitting in a tree all puffed up from the cold. I'm hoping they know something I don't. I'm glad that for them, the snow will be melting all week and it will be raining by the weekend so there will be some worms for them to eat. I'm so ready for spring and a return to the sunshine.

Here is my progress on Quaker Samplings I - over half way done now. I hope to finish this off by Friday evening. We'll see if I can stay awake on the train all week. :-)

Also much progress was made on Block 4 of the Village. I'm almost half way with this block also. I so enjoy stitching this piece with the NPI silks. They are just the best.

Thanks for the suggestions to check in with Silkweavers about my fabric. You know it never occurred to me to do that - duh. I did drive out to my LNS for Market Night and I have to say I was very underwhelmed. They hadn't even unpacked everything yet so much wasn't out. And their tastes run different from mine so they didn't purchase some of the things I wanted to see. But I did pick up the Blackbird Designs book - I really like several of the designs and I purchased Quaker Study from Carriage House Samplings. I'll pick up the Lakeside Linen from Drema because my shop didn't have any. I did take a look at the Picture This Plus fabric swatch book and I fell in love with Mystic and I think it would be perfect for my Cirque des Cercles.

For the week I'll hopefully finish up Quaker Samplings and Block 4 of the Village. I need to stitch part 4 of My Treasured Workstation and finish part 5 of Marquior ABC. Then I'll move onto something new. Pretty sure I'll do the Drawn Thread Sampler of Stitches next. Oh and I need to do my ornament for the SAL. That will be a nice quick finish for me.


Nicole said...

Both projects are beautiful!! It seems Quaker Samplings is stitching up fairly quick!

Carol said...

What beautiful progress on Quaker Samplings - wow!! It should be warming up here this week too - but first 17 degrees and very, very windy here today :-(

Nicki said...

Your Quaker is looking great! Wonderful progress :)

Vonna said...

You have really gotten alot done on QS! I'm totally impressed!
Your Block 4 is coming right along :)
Steady stitching makes all the difference doesn't it?!
Great job!

piko said...

Your Quaker work is wonderful! I'm looking forward to the progress.:-)