Monday, February 12, 2007

some progress

I worked on a couple of different things this past weekend. I started back on Marquior ABC and got to the point where I was last week when I noticed another counting error on my part! Yikes! So out it came - again. I did manage to get the border in this time error free (I hope). Third times the charm I guess. I also started on the largest letters of the piece but really didn't have the heart to do much more than start.

I pulled out the Village of Hawk Run Hollow to start on my next block - not a bad start for just one evening. This is a pretty heavy stitched block. I'll work on this piece at night until it's finished and then go back to Marquior. I bet it takes the rest of the month.

And lastly for my cross stitching, here is Quaker Samplings I. I did work on it Friday evening for a while. I love to do these Quaker pieces. I'll work on this on my train rides until it's finished. Probably next week some time.

I also started work on my quilt made from the Chocolat line of fabrics from 3 Sisters of Moda. I ran out of fabric in three of the colors! It actually kind of pisses me off. The quilt pattern calls for all fat quarters which measure (in a perfect world) 18 x 22 inches. But from my experience it's seldom that the pieces that are cut from the factory to that size are actually that size. And to add to that, Moda often has a huge line of salvage. At least an 3/4 of an inch on several of the prints. And to have enough of two of the color ways, I had to have exactly pieces at were 18 x 22 because the width of the strips needed was 17 3/4 inches giving only 1/4 inch of extra fabric. So I was short on all the cream and tan colors. I did have several fat quarters left over from the group of 50 but there were butt ugly and I didn't want to use them in my quilt. So I have to purchase several more cream/tan fat quarters. And to make the dog bed, I have to order 7 red fat quarters because I had just enough for my quilt. So that at least two more yards of material. Bummer.

My boss is in the office this week so I'll be working all day and here in the office. I sure do love working at home.


Carol said...

Nice work!

Nicole said...

I'm loving your start on Quaker Samplings. As soon as I get a couple things finished it's going to be my next start - and I love the color thread you are using! :)

Lucy said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one jumping from project to project....your work is looking good!

KarenV said...

Nice progress on both pieces!

Michelle said...

Great progress on all your pieces - they look lovely! What a pain about the Moda fabric! I hope you can easily get more of the ones you need, although it stinks that you have to!

Concetta said...

I always love seeing your progress photos, Margie! I'm especially loving Quaker Samplings I. :)