Monday, July 24, 2006

A super weekend!

I had a great weekend - the pug picnic was so much fun and the weather was perfect. Here is a picture of some of the pugs watching us eat. They looked so funny all lined up on the fence.

I mostly worked on Linen and Lace over the weekend, actually I only stitched on Sunday - I didn't have time Saturday. I'm very close to being complete. That lacey edge does take forever. It took almost eight hours to do the three sides. Yikes!

I started back on Moon Flower on the way to work. I'm not really liking this piece in person. My colors are looking so washed out and don't have the nice color change that I prefer. I'm so disappointed. I guess this is what happens when you can't pick out your skeins of thread yourself. I order all my stuff online and I get what I get.

In addition to being a cross stitcher and needlepointer, I'm also a quilter.

Each year, my family takes a turn a making everybody a gift for Christmas. Last year was my year. So I made each person in the giving circle a wall hanging. I thought I would show them off. I did send them off to be quilted - but I have since taken a class from Harriet Hargrave and will no longer have to send out my quilts to be quilted. They are all 40" square - to fit in the oak quilt rack my brother made for his gift the previous year.

Wheel of Mystery

Prism Feathered Star

Mariner's Compass

Stairway to Heaven Snail's Trail


KarenV said...

Aww! Those little pugs are so cute!

I love your progress on Moon Garden - sorry you're not so happy with the colour changes in the thread.

Love your quilts too - very colourful!

Cathy said...

Your quilts are beautiful - what an awesome gift!

Moon Garden looks great too - sorry about the color changes (or the lack thereof.)